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Specializing in Thermoforming Equipment for the Cabinet and Furniture manfacturing Industry



Schultz Forming Products manufactures ovens for heating solid surface materials quickly and uniformly.  See our Solid Surface Forming page under the products menu for details.


Our Vacuum Forming Equipment can apply decorative sheet and film to almost any irregular shape including flat or curved substrates.  Thicker materials may be heated and formed over molds to produce structural shapes.  Check out our Vacuum Forming page for more information.


We are the original manufacturer of the SLOTFORMER® which is being used in shops of all sizes as a simple, affordable, easy to operate alternative to costly post-forming methods.  Our High Pressure Laminate Forming page has details on all the equipment models and features.  Also, you'll find information on our Cove Tubes and Quartz Heaters which are simple and efficient.


Simple and efficient, these parts can also be found on our High Pressure Laminate Forming page.






Imortant News

New ISFA Affiliation

We are happy to announce our affiliation with ISFA, the International Surface Fabricators Association.  We believe this additional resource for education, industry news and networking will be beneficial for our clients as well as help us to broaden our reach internationally to yet other craftsmen for whom we can be an important and integral  provider of both education, support and manufacturing equipment supply.  You can meet them also at

New Website

If you haven't noticed already, we decided to create a new website and new corporate logo to coordinate with our new move to California.  We believe that this will make it much easier for our customers to learn about our products and bring our website and corporate brand up to the high quality of our product line.  We hope you enjoy it!

We've Moved

We've moved our operations back to the Coast of Southern California.  We have moved into a beautiful new facility in Carlsbad, CA which is in Northern San Diego County.  We are only a few miles from the beaches and will enjoy working in a cooler climate once again!  Come and visit us on your next trip to San Diego.  Our new address information is here.

New Product Introduction

Schultzform is pleased to introduce our customers to a new product!  We have designed a completely new machine to be known as our Solid Surface Vacuum Former.  This machine has been designed to handle your larger projects and does not require forms, which gives your creativity new bounds.


Southwest Display (Las Vegas, NV)

"Marty and his team are great!  We ordered our Slotformer® and received it earlier than the promised delivery date.  The new machine has helped us to increase our shops output by 35% in the past 6 months.  The speed and quality of the machine has made our business more successful."

1st Choice Surfaces (Phoenix, AZ)

"Having Shultzform Solid Surface Ovens at both our facility in Phoenix and Scottsdale has helped increse productivity and profit"  - Jimmy Diamond

Exquisite Kitchens Ltd. (Kingston, Jamaica)

"The Slotformer® has been a very helpful addition to our shop.  We've now purchased one for our facility in Honduras as well.  We were happy that the international shipping of the machines went very smoothly and they arrived on time." - Grandville Taylor (Owner)

Pursuit Boats (Ft. Pierce, FL)

"Having a Solid Surface Oven has really opened up more creative opportunities for us, which in turn, helps distinguish us from the competition."  - Ken Watson

American Marble (Vista, CA)

"The beauty of the Solid Surface Oven is it's ease of use, effectiveness, and simplicity."  - Karl (Shop Foreman)

Betterbuilt Furniture Ltd. (Sydney, Australia)

"We have received an excellent return on investment for our purchase.  The equipment has helped us to streamline and simplify our process, which in turn, increases production."  - Brian Korremans (Owner)

Lone Star Countertops (Conroe, TX)

"We were very impressed and happy when we broke a part and the replacement arrived so quickly.  That's great service.  Thank you Marty."  - Tony Wood (Owner)

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